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The Masterbuilder

Fabio Bertini was born into an artistic family in the Romagna region of Italy. Right through his childhood he displayed a real passion for the world of LEGO, which revealed an innate talent: creativity. While studying at university, he continued to collect, design and create incredible constructions by meticulously joining together thousands of Lego bricks. So, in his free time, Fabio became a LEGO "Master Builder” by creating highly ambitious projects, like the construction of a spectacular ferris wheel, 3 metres high and made of 28,000 pieces. It was his own personal need to display, collect, transport and keep the dust off his LEGO characters, however, that sparked the idea, which later became a simple, but brilliant invention: a transparent box for mounting and displaying LEGO minifigures. As a result, he founded the FaBiOX company, a combination of his own name Fabio and the word box, and began production. This strictly "Made in Italy” showcase was a genuine worldwide innovation. The FaBiOX was patented immediately and in 2011, it was trial-launched, first in Italy and then abroad. In no time at all, the project became an entrepreneurial success that has since conquered the world from the United States to Japan and from Australia to Singapore.

Recently, the enterprise has also created customised projects at the request of malls, companies, businesses and multinationals, such as highly detailed and realistic, static and dynamic scale models, plastic constructions and special monuments.

The Masterbuilder

The company

Our sales network is continuously expanding and includes numerous national and international dealers that cover all of Italy as well as dozens of foreign countries where FaBiOXes are marketed in high street stores and online shops.

We are constantly on the lookout for new horizons to explore, original projects to develop and innovative materials to experiment with. In 2016 we launched a number of ideal “solutions" for collectors and fans, including:

COMBOBOX - modular cardboard containers, specifically designed for splitting up loose bricks, optimising space and making the pieces easier to use.

CLEARBOX - transparent plexiglass showcases for demanding collectors who wish to display their models, sets or favourite pieces while also keeping them free of dust.

Over time we have meticulously collected the characters LEGO has launched on the market, from the 1970s onwards, starting from the original rigid figures and continuing through classics such as Fabuland, Town and Space, right up to the latest Minifigure series. We are extremely proud to own this "GUINNESS WORLD RECORD” collection that is said to be the largest in the world.

The company
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