About us

The need to display, collect, transport and keep the dust off the numerous LEGO characters in our collection was the spark that led to the creation of the FaBiOX case and the FaBiOX company.
This invention is simple but brilliant: a transparent polycarbonate case in which you can mount your favourite Minifigures. Since its trial launch in Italy in 2011, the product has rapidly become a successful entrepreneurial project that has conquered the world: from Italy to the rest of Europe and the United States to Australia.
Today we boast a constantly growing sales network that currently numbers over fourty distributors that market FaBiOX in both real and virtual toy stores in Italy and eighteen foreign countries.
We are always looking for new projects and different materials and thanks to this constant activity, in 2016 we launched on the market the Combobox drawers and modules to organize bricks.


About us
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