Record Minifigs

In recent years LEGO has revolutionised its classic smiley-faced Minifigures. This wonderful world of Danish invention has expanded enormously with constantly changing characters and settings. So now the 1970s when these LEGO figures had arms and legs that didn't move now seems a lifetime away. But how many different characters have the Billund factories actually released? The answer is 10,500 and every year the number grows enormously.
There are over 3.310 pieces in our Minifigure collection, all housed in FaBioX cases framed with LEGO bricks and it's the largest collection in the World, certified by Guinness World Record. Every Minifigure in the collection is part of an original LEGO set and has at least one detail that makes it different to all the others. There are all the different themes that have been released since the 1970s, starting from the rigid figures and continuing through classics such as Fabuland, Town and Space, right up to the latest Minifigure series.

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