Finally here are the perfect drawers for you, for your constructions, and your space. Combobox has been specially designed for Lego brick collectors. Thanks to its three large drawers, you will have the bricks you need always close at hand, you will save storage space, and no time wasted searching.

You can personalize the drawers easily and find the solution that best fits your needs by choosing among the four removable drawers that you can combine as you like; they will allow you to organize the small pieces, the larger bricks as well as the baseplates: drawer 88 (8x8 stud); drawer 816 (8x16 stud); drawer 1616 (16x16 stud); drawer 1632 (16x32 stud).

Combobox drawers are made from super-strong cardboard; they are equipped with a simple joint that allows you to stack them one on top of another. You will be able to create a column container up to 12 meters high. By assembling three drawers one on top of the other you will obtain a beautiful cabinet which you can use as a worktable with all you need to build and invent at your fingertips.

If you wish to make your Combobox more colourful you can buy the optional kits of lateral and frontal panels, printed with different fantastic graphic themes.

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